Allstarlink Malaysia

What is AllStar Link?

The AllStar Link network consists of a number of large (and small) individuals and groups who wish to provide efficient large-area communications to the Amateur Radio public in their respective local areas, which utilizes VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), basically using asterisk as a backbone and codec like G.711, G.722, G.729 etc for the radio communication backbone.

Unlike other ROIP (Radio Over Internet Protocol) like Zello and Teamspeak, Allstarlink does not promote the replacement of radio (RF) equipment for telecommunication but only as the “backbone” provider as to connect for other radio stations/repeaters and stations.

Please read on details on powerpoint file below:-

Powerpoint Link – Direct download

Now the only connected nodes are 47259 9W2LWK, 47711 9W2KHN and 9V1KB 47771

The video below is the usecase scenario of how Allstarlink works, at the end of the video, it even calls via SIP (VOIP), as it is an asterisk box anyway.

and a sample of some Allstarlink node which bridge to DMR via AMBE3000 hardware and analog-bridge software (

Newly updated my R1-2020 (BH7NOR build) interface to my Yaesu FT-7900

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